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    1. chris dit :bonjour à tous, à moi les carpistents français. moi aussi j’en ai marre de tout sa ils nous envahissent ils se permettent de prendre nos plans d’eau , et sa ce dit grand pecheurs ,moi aussi je sait le faire, moi aussi je voudrais pêché dans un grand lac comme le curton avant de mourrir et je peut même pas y allez, dehors les envahisseurs.à coup de pompe dans l’trains

    2. It would be nice if Webmaster Tools provided more details about the Sitemaps that we submit. A human-readable version of our Sitemaps as Google sees them, if you will. A list of the URLs in them, along with their update frequencies, their different language versions, and so on. Right now, it's hard to tell if Google is understanding our Sitemaps as we intended.

    3. ELENA scrive:ho 27 anni, e da AGOSTO 2011 un cancro al seno con metastasi alle ossa,fegato,linfonodi e polmoni…sto tutt’ ora facendo chemio,da settembre2011 a febbraio2012 ho preso il VIDATOX e a febbraio sono andata di persona a Cuba a prendere l’ ESCOZUL.a GIUGNO2012 devo tornarci a prenderne altro.OGGI NON HO PIù LE METASTASI ALLE OSSA E AL FEGATO!

    4. I feel for you! I HATE HATE HATE having to be constantly pulled in different directions. I work from home and so it sometimes means that my 16 month old misses out on time and attention, or that my work is a wee bit rushed. But at the same time I feel like I should be grateful that I am able to work at home because all things considered its a pretty good deal. It means that I (mostly) get to stay at home with her and that I have so far avoided putting her into daycare – both of which are very important to me. So it’s close to what I want but it is definitely a compromised version.

    5. that men do not pick up women. Women pick out men. It’s called sexual selection.But in this case the male is punished for the female selecting him! Go figure.Anyone else notice that story in the news last week about a teenage girl who attacked and stabbed her boyfriend after he declined sex?So let me get this straight. If he accepts, he gets suspended and condemned. If he declines, he gets assaulted and stabbed.Like that’s going to work for the well-being of the society and the culture as a whole.The entire world has gone insane.

    6. / I live in Denver and I'm going to go buy some baked goods from them. Whether I agree or not with their beliefs, I believe in the right of the indvidual to run their business and speak their minds without fear of being persecuted by hate mongering activists who have no tolerance for beliefs different than there own. There are plenty of cake shops who will be more than happy to make their cake.

    7. Sorry Neal, like it or not, politics is about compromise. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t need elections. I like and agree with your terms, you’re on the right page, but in the real world, it isn’t about what page we are on. Many are in a different book. The book can’t be re-written in one election. Mitt was far from my first choice, but he is the best thing available currently for freedom loving Americans. Chapter 1 in our book is removing a foreign born communist from our highest office. Then we go to page 2. One step at a time my friend!

    8. திà®°ாவிடர்கள் என்à®±ால் கிள்ளுக்கீà®°ையா? நடக்குà®®் நிகழ்ச்சிகள் எல்லாà®®் நமக்கு நல்லவையே! வேடந்தாà®°ிகளின் வேà®·à®®் திà®°ாவிடர்களுக்குà®®் தெà®°ியட்டுà®®்! ஆரிய சூà®´்ச்சிகளை à®’à®´ிக்க சுயமரியாதையை இழந்த ஒவ்வொà®°ு திà®°ாவிடர்களுà®®் சிந்திக்குà®®் நிகழ்ச்சி இது …

    9. I am a democrat. I agree with the people making the law and the law being enforced by a judiciary which is separate from the state.If you want to know what Nazism is it is where laws are inscribed in stone and cannot be altered. It is where the judicary, religion and the state are all held together in one body. And where the people have no freedom over the running of their lives.I find it strange that many muslims come to the west yet still want to enforce the neo nazi regimes they escaped from.

    10. Stuart you are quite correct. The wind power study cited above (as you know) has been discredited. Scientific America produced a special edition not so long ago showing how the entire world could run on proven renewable technology, and the transformation would not cost the world, while continuing as the political and economic system does now will cost the earth. The political will is another thing – that's where the rest of us need to concentrate, while your input on these posts is highly detailed, factual and central to understanding the world today.

    11. పజిà°²్ à°¨ింపడంà°²ో మజా à°…ంà°¤ా à°‡ంà°¤ా à°•ాà°¦ంà°¡ీ. (à°®ేà°®ు à°¤ూà°—ోà°œీà°²ం, à°šివర్à°²ు à°¸ా…à°—à°¦ీà°¸్à°¤ాం.) à°¶్à°°ీà°¶్à°°ీ à°šెà°ª్à°ªిà°¨ తల à°¤ిà°°ుà°—ుà°¡ు à°°à°šà°¯ిà°¤్à°°ి = లత (à°¤ెà°¨్à°¨ేà°Ÿి à°¹ేమలతగాà°°ు "లత" à°ªేà°°ిà°Ÿ à°°ాà°¸ేà°µాà°°ు).పజిà°²్à°¸్ à°Žà°¨్à°¨ిà°°à°•ాà°²ుà°¨్à°¨ాà°¯ో ఈసాà°°ి à°°ాà°¯ంà°¡ి. à°®ంà°šి ఆర్à°Ÿిà°•à°²్.

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    13. Finding the village barn might not have been much of a challenge for my German removal firm, but carting my awkwardly shaped belongings in the narrow staircase within the barn certainly was! For very long term storage it is imperative to take up as little space as possible by stacking items upwards and to keep belonging safe and dry. Next time I shall certainly purchase green, recyclable boxes when moving house again.

    14. “Die Artikel handeln von Frauen und sind für Frauen geschrieben, damit diese ihren Lebensstil verbessern können, um in einer modernen Gesellschaft nicht unter die Räder zu kommen.”Diese Artikel sind für frauen geschrieben und diese werden erreicht, indem man sie herabsetzt und beleidigt ?Das muss doch Satire sein, oder ? =)VA:F [1.9.21_1169]please wait…

    15. TC: "Everybody "needs" it so why not band together and capture the economies of scale and the greater efficiencies due to the absence of duplication. Surely you can understand that one.""Great idea! The same logic could be applied to other things we all need, like food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and the list goes on. What do you think? Surely having one national grocery outlet would capture economies of scale, and avoid duplication.

    16. Wow that dress is gorgeous!! you look spectacular!! and what a cute tree you have love the burlap as well wrapped on the bottom and the cute ornaments 😉 ~It is quite different being in another part of the world during Christmas. It really puts things in a different perspective that's for sure!! Merry Christmas and enjoy all that free time not having to Ba Humbug around ~Love Heather

    17. If we are in a bubble, at least it’s an educated bubble.Actually, I believe an organized anti-incumbent vote might be afoot locally….:)I’m not certain what else we can do, except keep up the pressure. I’m certain the large number of persons turning out to vote in the primary is an attention-getter to those seeking reelection.That’s not the norm, for sure.

    18. Faktum är att jag tror jag lättare skulle kunna fÃ¥ ner en sibyllakorv än en bit buffelkött. Nu är däremot smaklökarna helt omställda och varken kött, fisk, fÃ¥gel, ost eller ägg lockar… men potäter lockar alltid. Eller ris med sirap eller en Datorade. Kanderad potatis… eller kanderade äpplen… *det* är gastronomisk njutning *och* stressreducerande.Förresten, varför har vi denna diskussionen egentligen?2011/7/31 Disqus <>

    19. Julia comentou em 3 de maio de 2012 às 18:17. Julia, que trança linda! E que ridícula de fácil!!! Fiz junto com você durante o vídeo enquanto o namorado ao meu lado jurava que ia dar errado – a minha E a sua hahahaQueria te dizer que há quase 5 anos, quando me mudei do Brasil, seu blog tem sido meu fiel escudeiro nos momentos em que bate aquela saudade de casa. E que hoje em dia, morando em Barcelona, entendo muito melhor de onde vem toda essa criatividade dos Petit :)Um beijo “desde Gràcia :)”

    20. à°µెà°³్à°³ినప్à°ªుà°¡à°²్à°²ా à°…à°²ాà°—ే à°µెంటపడంà°¡ి. à°…à°²ా పడే ఆయన ఇల్à°²ేà°°à°®్à°® కథలూ, దర్à°—ా à°®ిà°Ÿ్à°Ÿ కథలూ, à°…à°®్మకు à°œేà°œేà°²ూ à°°ాà°¯ింà°šింà°¦ి.ఆయన ఇప్à°ªుà°¡ెà°•్à°•à°¡ పనిà°šేà°¸్à°¤ుà°¨్à°¨ాà°°ు?

    21. Sounds like Sheriff Joe and his people better put their investigation into high gear and prosecute some peole before barry, holder, and their minions descend on AZ with their lawsuit. This could get really nasty real quick. My money is on a confrontation between MCSO/ Sheriff Joe and DOJ/holder that turns into an armed standoff and a real shootin' war. And it will spread across this nation like wildfire.I know that you are thinking: This could never happen in America. I may be wrong, but what if I am right?……………….

    22. yo nunca necesite de prefabricaciones para tratar a nadie asique traten de no enbarrar la cancha. y que quede claro de una buena vez que no estan en juego los temitas que aca se discuten!! a mi me interesa tres pitos si argentina tiene mas supermercados que bolivia o mexico. y verdaderamente me meti al gallinero porque me cuesta aceptar que existan tipos que se presten por cosas como estas!!vamos acaso estamos todos locos?? o que?? enserio pregunto!!

    23. I was going to tell you that you could google (or yahoo) "link: aprilgem" and find out how you are doing. However, I was surprised by 1) the relativly low hits, and; 2) that MOST are from what appears to be, your alternate life.You turn up in plenty of my daily searches, I will start keeping track and get back with you.On the matter of wellness, I propose that you and Pam get together in one place so that your faithful readers can provide daily care and feeding. [I think Birmingham is y’alls midway meeting point and I have room available.]

    24. Same problem here. The number or the name of a sms sender won’t get displayed. First i thought may be it is because of a normal t-sim. Then i changed it over to omh sim thinking it will work. I would have changed the sim to omh anyway, but didn’t do because of lack of time. Finally even after doing its not working. So, it seems, this is a common problem. Service is really poor in mysore.

    25. A Sony le puede salir bien, pero le puede pasar lo mismo que a Nokia. Si a Sony le sale mal, puede significar su quiebra, y Ms a pesar de todo, mostrará una sonrisa de oreja a oreja, al ver como desaparece su principal rival en el mercado de los vídeojuegos. No es normal que Sony saque este producto, a no ser que Ms le pague por hacerlo. Si todo sale bien, Ms introducirá su nuevo producto en el mercado y eso son mllones de dólares; si sale mal, Sony podría tener problemas económicos (más) graves (todavía), y Ms saldría muy beneficiada de esta situación.

    26. Kanske skulle du ta upp Vällustingen Strauss Kahn som tror att man med sin höga I(am a) M(aid)F(ucker) position tror han kan Tömma Påzen i alla damer han känner för.När man bor på hotell för $ 20,000 per natt kan man väl lägga $ 3,000 på någon horavköning istället för att tvinga sig på hotellpersonalen för Noll & Intet

    27. Chociaż współczujÄ™ Ci w tym ogromie nieszczęść, to bardzo mnie ucieszyÅ‚a informacja, że zwarzyÅ‚o Ci siÄ™ czekoladowe ganache. Kiedy pewnego razu sama podzieliÅ‚am siÄ™ podobnym problemem, to okazaÅ‚o siÄ™, że nikt go nie zna. WiÄ™c przynajmniej jesteÅ›my we dwie 🙂 W sprawie czekolady (i karmelu) to dla mnie mogÄ… dominować nad wszystkim, nie jestem tu niestety specjalnie wyrafinowana jeÅ›li chodzi o równowagÄ™ smaków, zupeÅ‚nie inaczej w kwestii jakoÅ›ci czekolady, bo musi zdecydowanie być dobra.

    28. ఆయన à°šేà°¸ిà°¨ à°µ్à°¯ాà°–్యల్à°²ో à°Žà°•్à°•à°¡ా à°¹ింసకు à°ªాà°²్పడిà°¨ "à°¤ెà°²ంà°—ాà°£ా ఉద్యమకాà°°ుà°²" à°ªై à°•ేà°¸ుà°²ు à°Žà°¤్à°¤ిà°µేయడం à°®ంà°šి పద్ధతి à°•ాà°¦ు అనలేà°¦ు. à°¹ింసకు à°ªాà°²్పడిà°¨ ఎవరిà°¨ైà°¨ా ఉపేà°•్à°·ింà°šà°¡ం à°®ంà°šిà°¦ి à°•ాదనేà°¦ి à°®ాà°¤్à°°à°®ే ఆయన à°…à°­ిà°ª్à°°ాà°¯ం. à°¬ుà°°్à°°ుà°¨్à°¨ోà°¡ెవరైà°¨ా à°¦ీà°¨్à°¨ి సమర్à°§ిà°¸్à°¤ాà°¡ు. ఇక్à°•à°¡ à°•ొంతమంà°¦ి à°¤ెà°²ంà°—ాà°£ా à°µాà°¦ుà°²ు అనవసరంà°—ా à°­ుà°œాà°²ు తడుà°®ుà°•ుంà°Ÿుà°¨్à°¨ాà°°à°¨్నది à°µాà°¸్తవం. ఏదైà°¨ా à°µిà°·à°¯ం à°¸ూà°Ÿిà°—ా à°ª్à°°à°¶్à°¨ింà°šినప్à°ªుà°¡ు à°¦ాà°¨్à°¨ి à°¦ాà°Ÿà°µేయడాà°¨ిà°•ి à°µేà°°ే à°µిà°·à°¯ాà°²ు à°¨ెà°¤్à°¤ిà°¨ేà°¸ుà°•ోవడం à°µాà°°ిà°•ి à°®ాà°®ూà°²ేà°—ా!

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    30. 皆様、コメントアドバイスくださって、本当にありがとうございます!>出産という家族の一大事というか重要なことなのに、 >自分の願望だけで決めるのはおかしいですよね?? >みなさんなら許せますか?この件については、反省しました。支えていかないといけないですよねまた、里帰り出産しないという意見も多くありましたが、我が家は転勤族なので、里帰り出産をしないと不安です。 (自宅近くの病院で予約していて、もし妊娠9か月過ぎて転勤になったら引っ越しをしないといけないので、転勤先での病院探し等分娩予約ができるか不安という理由です・・・)このような状況なら、会社は考慮してくれると思っていましたが、そういうわけでもないのですよね新居にて家具や梱包空けたり整理整頓してきました。 しばらくは新居にいる予定です。(妊婦健診が毎週発生してくるので、交通費はとてつもなくかかりますが) 来週役所に確認しに行ってきます。

    31. When I was a child living in a small, northern Maine town with no library, the bookmobile came every few weeks. It was always a magical day. We were allowed to borrow the same number of books as our current grade in school. I’ll always remember the wonderful smell of the books. The librarian was a delightful woman. Her husband drove the bookmobile. Believe it or not, over 45 years later, I still have that precious library card.

    32. Yo estoy empadronada y se donde voto pero han puesto mal mi direccion, como puedo hacer para que lo corrijan? Gracias por una respuesta!!Y respondió el 24 de octubre de 2011 a las 21:07:Elfriede: En el Registro de las Personas de su localidad (para extranjeros de la provincia de Buenos Aires)

    33. Amigo gracias por tu exelente sitio que tiene tan buenas peliculas y en un formato facil de bajar y reproducir, gracias por la pelicula "El gran pez" te la pedi y la publicaste en 320×240 justo como la queria, muchas gracias por eso, ahora te pido por favor cuando puedas postea la pelicula "El violin rojo" si no es en español no importa con tal que los subtitulos se puedan leer, posteala en 320*240 que es mi resolucion favorita, bueno me despido hasta la proxima.kemshim123.emoticon = «combody-» + «c8099874547019883458»;emoticonComentario(emoticon);

    34. Review by B. Corcoran for Rating: the frame rate is horrible, and the quality could be MUCH better, but, for the price, it’s pretty acceptable.. if you’re ONLY going for price, and willing to deal with the related headaches, buy it, personally, I think the time wasted, and quality difference, spend the extra money, and get something better..


    36. Virtually all of what you say happens to be astonishingly accurate and that makes me wonder the reason why I had not looked at this with this light previously. This particular article truly did turn the light on for me as far as this specific subject matter goes. However there is actually one position I am not really too cozy with so whilst I attempt to reconcile that with the core theme of your position, let me see exactly what the rest of your visitors have to point out.Well done.

    37. oh no! le scarpe Chie Mihara sono troppo belle. Ed è vero, sono state abbinate così bene alle calze e calzini, che viene voglia di prendere il lotto intero di tutte le scarpe e tutti i calzettini indossati qui! :DPer le calze e calzini, quest'anno ho scoperto un paio di banchettini al mercato in montagnola che ne hanno di carinissimi e a prezzi decisamente bassi (e la qualità è, invece, ottima!). Ho preso calze grigie a pois (che vanno con tutto!), calzini di lana mohair (caldissimi!) di colori diversi ma sempre a pois, ovviamente…. ihihi! 🙂

    38. Salutare. Ma bucur ca i-ati raspuns acestui Iann, nu stiu cine este… dar ar trebui sa-si tina parerile pentru el…Dar asa sunt romanii, trebuie sa se uite mereu in “curtea vecinului” cum se spune… La noi e rau si cand faci ceva si cand nu faci nimic… probabil ca acest Iann este stresat cand vede ca cineva vrea sa realizeze ceva …Mult succes in continuare doamnei Anca Gheorghe….Iar pentru cei care mor de grija altora apucati-va si voi de un hobby ceva … sincer acum!!!!

    39. By October 4, 2012 – 6:31 pmEn respuesta a tu pregunta, te comento que existe la posibilidad de no hacer pagos a cuenta del IRPF, cuando al menos el 70% de tus ventas tengan retención.Para ello, deberás hacer una modificación del M037 pidiendo que NO PRESENTAS PAGOS A CUENTA, dado que la mayor parte de tu facturación (debe ser +del 70%), llevan retención.Espero te haya sido útil mi respuestaFelicitaciones a Alfonso por el blog!Un saludoGabriel

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    42. With our current economy life has gotten more and more difficult… just trying to survive, as well as added stress. Morale has been on the decline and declining each day. As for the women above 50, well if add health issues to the mix, I can see why. I'm 46 and my health has been a constant frustration; I fear for my future, and would rather pass into the spirit world than be a burden to my sons. Just my 2 cents.

    43. Also wenn ich mich Mit­tags– oder Nach­mit­tags hin­lege und ein­schlafe, so bin ich den ganzen Tag “gerädert”. Ich stehe voll neben der Spur, bin super­müde und mit mit ist nix anz­u­fan­gen.Dann lieber eine Vier­tel­stunde Kaf­feep­ause, Füße hochle­gen, I-Pod mit guter Musik auf die Ohren und die Seele kurz baumeln lassen

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    45. Boze to jsou zvasty o matkach co delaji deti jen pro pridavky a chodi pak do detskejch domovu. Ten clovek je idiot, co nikdy nemel dite a na moznem pripade par jednotlivcu vytvari demagogicky argument roztazeny na celek. Je videt, ze je to nejaky prihlouply dite, ktery o rodicovstvi jen ma nacteno. Az dospeje, sam bude mit potomka, tak pochopi jaky byl idiot.

    46. When my nephew graduated from the Naval Academy in 1998, Clinton gave the address. There was a sniper team with a .50 cal. posted on top of the press box and other teams scattered about the stadium.After we cleared security and found our seats directly across from the press box, my six-year-old asked me why the government trusted the snipers not to shoot the president or for that matter, any of us in the crowd. It's a question I can't really answer now or then.I'd trust any midshipman more than a president, Democrat or Republican.

    47. I recently got a new job (in Denver,CO)…yea! The only problem is that payroll is set up only through direct deposit and as of today, i don’t have a single bank account! I’ve heard so many horror stories about hidden fees etc that Im waery about banks but it seems now I have no choice. My first couple of checks will be paper which means I have two more weeks to find a reasonable bank and open an account! Help! thanks

    48. I agree JoAnn and Ed, I too was impressed at first with Mr. Duang, and his love of education and wanting the very best for all our children. But, over the course of his term, I have seen many things that have me wondering if Mr. Duang just talks a good game, for he seems to throw it every chance he can to the party…..I have seen Mr. Duang follow party lines on more subjects than to follow the advise of the educators…..

    49. I think you are making a good point here, Nick.Be interesting to see if Ryan agrees with you.Can anyone remember the “onr-armed” New Zealander runner, Murray Halborg who won Gold in the Olympics in 1960. He was described as “one-armed” but in fact he had both arms, although one had been paralysed in a rugby accident, I seem to recall?Whatever, the other Nick is to be admired and I wish correspondent Nick well too ..

    50. I wish she would just give the kid a bottle and shut the eff up with her complaining about feeding him already. If you don’t enjoy breastfeeding Kath (and that is obvious), then STOP. He is a damn baby. He is not, nor will he probably ever be, on your time schedule. If the 30-45 minutes you are forced to feed him is such a time suck and you hate it so, then effing quit. But stop complaining about it. Because it makes you look like an epic douche.

    51. spune:Unchiul meu, Dumnezeu sa-l ierte, imi povestea o faza de la spital (a petrecut cam mult timp acolo). Venise una care se lauda ca-i vegetariana convinsa, ca n-a mai mancat carne de pe vremea lui Vacaroiu si ca se simte foarte bine. Si s-a simtit, pina a dat sa iasa din cabinetul doctorului, cand a cazut ca o pleasca. Se pare ca “consumul excesiv de vegetale dauneaza grav sanatatii”.

    52. Pakko on tähän laittaa vasta-argumenttia tuosta Cafecepsistä. Jos yhtään kahvia fiilistelee tai harrastaa niin tuo ei kyllä makuelämys ole. Vois jopa sanoo että aika hirveetä perus pikakahvikuraa maun puolesta .Lääkinnällisiä sieniä voi nauttia näinkin mutta kuppi OIKEAA hyvin tehtyä itsejauhettua luomukahvia mihin rohkeat lisää jopa raakamaitoa on itselle makuelämys ,ilonaihe ja voimakas stimulantti toisesta ulottuvuudesta. Cafeceps jota tulee jatkuvasti vastaan on vaan jotenki yksinkertasesti tylsää.

    53. If you … @onjoFilms If you don’t loan money to people they cry, “They won’t loan money to me”, if you loan money to them, they cry, “you loaned me money without figuring if I could pay it back, we need more government regulation to protect us from ourselves.” Then the Tea Party comes along, “Get government off our backs and out of our lives, we can better take care of ourselves”. You can’t win for losing. +1Was this answer helpful?

    54. On using the M Letters…They can really clear the sometime quasi metaphysical clutter up. Which ofcource we love to stumble over. As in: “…a needed universal religious philosophy; one impregnable to scientific assault because itself the finality of absolute science; and, a religion, that is indeed worthy of the name, since it includes the relations of man physical to man psychical, and of the two to all that is above and below.” And: “The adept to be successful and preserve his power must dwell in solitude and more or less within his own soul.”Do I have a chance…out here in the woods??…B

    55. This post was full of such nostalgia. I bet this is a tough time even though it is full of happiness too. I hope you feel so proud of yourself for allowing yourself to feel that emotion Friday night becuase of the sacrifice you have made this year.Congrats to Big Girl on her graduation today- little kid cap and gowns are just the cutest! I had to post one last time on the old site- excited to see the new one but sad to say good bye to the old one!

    56. Ma quanto sei brava Laura, mi unisco volentieri al tuo banchetto anche se in maniera virtuale: queste tartellette riempieno di gioia anche gli occhi.Uff… come hai fatto a ricomporre il puzzle della vita, io ci provo da anni …chissà se un giorno riuscirò a trovare anch'io il tassello mancante che mi permetterà di collegare tutti gli altri! Un bacio, Valentina

    57. Why? Vincenzo, I have to say, I feel this is a regrettable and bad idea and I think will end up being a mistake. *Cattivo*. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the extracellular matrix trial plan as it is currently envisioned. And we have already raised many thousands of dollars just in these past several months, already we are almost one-tenth of the way there. A large donor or publicity from celebrity exposure could easily get us the rest of the way to $100K soon. Postponing now, I don’t think is needed!

    1. Some good points here. I get the sense (I’ve been researching this a bit) that you can become very successful with AmWay but is quite rare. The numbers here in Australia are: average AmWay distributor gets $500 a week income. 5% of AmWay distributors get $200,000 a year! But if you take out the 5% doing that well the average for the other 95 percent drops a lot.

    2. Hihi! 🙂 Tror nok Noe pÃ¥ Hjertet hadde vært helt annerledes om A skulle blogget. Da med hovedvekt pÃ¥ motorsykkel og enduro (noe det samme som cross). Jepp, gutten har kjøpt seg sykkel og den stÃ¥r her pÃ¥ Levanger nÃ¥, mens han er pÃ¥ jobb og skulle mer enn gjerne værr her sammen med sykkelen sin.. Haha! 😉 Guttunger blir de for alltid!ha en fin daaag! og GOD HELG!Klem

    3. Jak widać – mieszkanie na wsi to nie jedyna rzecz, która PaniÄ… upodabnia do Coryllusa. NarzÄ™dzie pracy – też. DziÄ™ki temu internet można uznać za narzÄ™dzie iÅ›cie ziemiaÅ„skiej niezależnoÅ›ci. Ciekawe, że te podobieÅ„stwa znajdujÄ… swoje odzwierciedlenie także w poglÄ…dach.Pozdrawiam

    4. It’s interesting that MK aesthetics are still so rooted in the 90s. I mean, it’s obvious that they would be in some ways, but even the “ideal BAAAAABE BODY” is the same shape. Very large, globular breasts, angular shoulders, rather small pelvis, but still-smaller waist.I’m not a fan of the franchise but I was always kind of fond of Sindel. She’s old! Or, she was.

    5. Toisaalta liian niukkakaan ei saisi olla. Jyrki K:n tekstin viereen voisi asettaa Sauli N:n kirjoitukset, joita löytyy hänen kotisivultaan. Saulin kirjoituksissa on sama ryhmi ja rakenne kuin hänen puheessaan. Virkkeet eivät aukene yhdellä lukemalla ja tuntuu, että niitä pitää tulkita vielä rivien välistäkin. Tyyli on tuttu toiselta varsinaissuomalaiselta eli Mauno Koivistolta. Mutta ehkäpä sillä tavalla saa valtiomiehen maineen, pakko olla viisas mies, kun se tuntuu sanovan enemmän kuin sanoo. Arvelee P.

    6. You might want to read the Greek constitution next (maybe as an audio book). No modern constitution allows that.A constitution is forged by people to express and protect the values of a society. Although I agree with you on the purest level of human democracy on a global hypothetical scale, this is not how nations and national democracies work.

    7. clemshaw on August 30, 2012 Great comment here Sam!the rules give you 50 seconds if you are first to go and 40 seconds if you are second and so on…My Routine hovers between 23 and 30 seconds depending on how many practice swings I feel I need to get to the match with the picture of how I am going to get to the target. You want to rehearse this on the range hitting different clubs to different targets and also be sharp in the short game for your chips, pitches and putting…Shawn

    8. I am a Jehovah’s Witness so we are dressed up the majority of the time and if we are not dressed up we cultivate the fruitages of the spirit at Galatians which are love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, kindness, faith, mildness, and self control. Also to tell us apart from other people we give eye contact with people that we meet.References : New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures Was this answer helpful?

    9. Es así. Algunos se han ganado el raro privilegio de postear la onomatopeya de un eructo y generar que le enyene de comentarios.Nadie puede hacer todas las cosas mal en un gobierno, ni nadie puede escribir siempre bien. Pero, bueno, en algunos está instalado.El retener a RDP alimentado con polenta y Dogui desde el 9N e inyectado cada tanto con Mr Músculo no dio los resultados pretendidos.

    10. Cristiano M. G. / Deep, o problema é que os físicos estão depositando todas as esperanças no Bóson de Higgs, é a única maneira das contas matemáticas fecharem dentro do modelo padrão de partículas.Se não encontrarem, ou pior, descobrirem que não existe, vão ter que começar muita coisa praticamente do zero…Gostei deste comentário ou não: 1

    11. J’parle de comment la situation est perçue socialement…Donc toi, tu dis que c’pas tant que vous marchez au cash que les hommes comprennent qqch mal pis y PENSENT QUE mais que ce qu’au bout du compte vous vous comprenez c’est qu’il essaie de vous acheter ?C’t’une possibilité. Compte tenu du fait qu’un russe unilingue a plus de chance de comprendre un Coréen qui parle anglais qu’un homme et une femme se comprennent facilement en parlant la même langue…

    12. Напиши коментар Можете да използвате тези HTML етикети и атрибути: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>

    13. Mustard Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Green Salad Taco Night! Chicken and Hominy Chili, Cornbread, Veggies, and Dip Pasta with Red Sauce, Green Salad, Foccacia Lasagna, Green Salad, Rolls Pizza and ChiChi’s Italian Salad Minestrone Soup EASTER dinner: Grilled Tri-Tip, Mashed Potatoes, Crystal’s Butterhorn Rolls, Green Salad, Chocolate Cheesecake

    14. I do love the manner in which you have framed this situation plus it does indeed supply us some fodder for consideration. However, through what precisely I have observed, I simply just hope as other reviews pack on that people today stay on issue and in no way embark upon a tirade associated with some other news du jour. All the same, thank you for this excellent piece and even though I do not really agree with the idea in totality, I regard your viewpoint.

    15. If you put on a sporty outfit can you walk really fast on the bike path (assuming you have a designated bike path) . Use a backpack for your stuff and then make it look like you are exercising. Change when you get to where your going. That's what I do and it works really really well. The bike path also gives you a right to yell loudly at anyone in it that isn't moving really fast. Just stay very far to the right so you don't interfere with the bikes.

    16. I cannot believe there has been no response from Google. Silence is never a good strategy during a crisis. Come out and accept the algorithm change was a mistake and that you are working on making things right. There are over 800 comments from your CUSTOMERS actively giving you great FREE feedback – act on it. Almighty G, you are worth billions but all you got is an algorithm, that's one thing you should not get wrong. Address the issues, DON'T BE EVIL.

    17. वात्रट मुलाची प्रेमाची गोष्ट क्युट आहे.एक मात्र खरं, प्रेमविवाह केलेली काही जोडपी पाहिली की वाटते, ह्याने हिच्यात किंवा हिने ह्याच्यात एव्हढे काय पाहिले?

    18. En 2014 Murray n’aura pas résolu par magie les problèmes qui font qu’il n’est que numéro quatre depuis trois ans. Il n’aura jamais gagné que l’OZ 2011 et c’est pas si mal que ça.Non en 2014, pendant la ré-éducation de Nadal, les vainqueurs de GC se recruteront parmis les joueurs cités dans les deux articles de Dequet, auquels il faut ajouter Cilic et Gulbis.

    19. Eu mi-am făcut singur un sondaj, să văd și eu care este realitatea cu ochii mei : am întrebat timp de o săptămână 100 de persoane ( prieteni, rude, cunoștințe, vecini) cu cine ar vota ? rezultatul ? Doamna Udrea poate să își scoată ținutele și poșetele de lux ascunse în bagaje( pentru a-i prosti pe romașcani , pe sătenii din Ion Creangă )și să se pregătească de plecare .

    20. مطمئنم شما از جبهه خودی نیستی برادر!چون تو جبهه ما با چنین ادبیاتی با دوستان خود سخن نمی گویندهمسنگری های من اگر کسی اشتباهی کنه راهنماییش می کنن نه اینکه بهش توهین کنناشتباه گرفتی داش امیر

    21. Iceland performed debt relief by restructuring and liquidation.No one else will do that.You are not saying that… you are calling for more “controlled inflation” to ease the debt burden away. Inflation that will never make its way into the average person’s pay and therefore will NOT reduce their debt burden (even if it’s at a fixed rate) and will only drive up the cost of their food & energy. Sounds like a party!

    22. I've no idea if it's this update or one of the hundreds of others, but google results are now much poorer. I still go to google out of habbit, but for the first time in ten years I reguarly find myself having to switch to yahoo or bing to get the results I need. Google needs to take note or risk loosing market share. The biggest turn off for me is the 4-5 results appearing from one domain, it takes me back to the days of AltaVista in the late 90's. come on Google save yourself by admitting you've messed up your results and fixing it!

    23. protestant: to je trochu mimo, nebo to jste chtěl jen doplnit? Je to samozřejmě pravda, ale není to jádro pudla. To je, jak jsem již psal (pro Vás to napíšu znovu) jinde.Neexistuje-li něco, nemůžu dokázat existenci onoho. Ovšem dokázat neexistenci něčeho, co neexistuje, je velmi složité, neřku-li nemožné.Tedy stejně tak Vy nemůžete dokázat neexistenci Velkého špagetového monstra či Neviditelného růžového jednorožce.

    24. I was going through the website since becoming a most recent subscriber and I began to read this article. The word “fearlessness” stuck out like a sore thumb! Contrary to popular belief, I battle with the lack of this daily! I am a jack of all trades, good at playing all the roles, but have not mastered yet one. I thank you for submitting this article because I now have a name to put with the condition. Knowing and admitting is half the battle. Yay me!

    25. : Ouais j’ai essayé de comprendre et de chérir ma copine qui habite en France à Grenoble, alors que moi je suis à Ottawa. On me disant que je n’arrivais pas a cerner sa personnalité. J’ai pété un plomb, et me voilà looser n°1 alors que j’était un Don Juan n°1. Quelle idée bête de tromper sa propre personnalité pour une femme qui, quand elle sait que tu es amoureux d’elle, elle tire les ficelles comme sur une charrette. Bien dit mon ami ! 0  0

    26. what a way to experiment. i think we’ve spoken about your girls being less picky than collin. as a result of his pickyness, i found a food he liked and stuffed anything i could into it….. waaaaaaaaaaaay before seinfeld’s wife wrote her cook book, i was stuffing everything into my own pancake batter: pumpkin, banana, shredded apples and carrots, oatmeal, raspberries…. a less effective technique was different kinds of shredded vegetables into spaghetti sauce……. your bread looks good. i have a bunch of black bananas in my freezer.

    27. Oh Mann… Joanna du jagst mir echt Angst ein !Immerhin hab ich auch zwei Gören zu Hause…Die sind jetzt schon am liebsten in meinem Schrank.. nur passt ihnen das Ganze jetzt zum Glück noch nicht..Aber wie ist das dann in 10 Jahren … Aaahhhh.Das Rezept ist genau nach meinem Geschmack und hat alles dabei was ich gern ess!Schick dir eine Bussimelanie

    28. I can see that a government might want to reduce the number of abortions as a policy goal and would provide counselling in accordance with that goal.In addition to Anna’s point, as Cristy argued, there are much better ways of achieving the goal.It is very telling that nothing is being done to actually make it easier for women to choose to continue with a pregnancy – in terms of financial support, childcare options, maternity leave, etc… Instead, women are made to bare the burden and the (government and church-imposed) guilt in order to achieve this reduction. It is really quite disgusting.

    29. I want to start a full service tour company in Costa Rica for young adults, how would I do that?My family is from Costa Rica and I have been several times, I want to start a tour company that takes care of everything. I want a tour bus that takes tourist to their hotels and takes them to all the activities there are there.How could I make money from this? How would you suggest I go about starting this company?Thanks for all the help!

    30. Reporter la date d’échéance de l’application de la loi Handicap, c’est comme refuser aux personnes handicapées une certaine partie de leurs droits. Et dire que ce que stipulait la loi handicap 2005 n’était que des droits fondamentaux concernant l’accès aux établissements publics. Priscille a raison. Une loi sur l’accès des personnes handicapées aux infrastructures publiques a déjà été mise en place en 1975. Pourquoi en 40 ans, rien n’est encore mis en place ?

    31. En utrolig bra og ærlig skrevet tekst Plosiv. Jeg tror også at det er mye enklere å finne løsninger som er bedre for både skolen, foreldrene og ikke minst elevene om man holder det unna massemediene. Da blir plutselig fokuset noe helt annet enn å hjelpe elevene. Da blir det mer skittkasting, baksnakking og sverting som kommer i fokus, og det er ikke ønskelig. Ikke minst, hvilke signaler gir det barna når de ser foreldre og andre voksne drive på slik?Monica sin siste, kule, flotte [type] ..

    32. Aunt Priscilla – All I can say is WOW!!!!! Besides I can’t see the computer through the tears. What a beautiful job. You have such a great talent in more then just photography. Why did we have to wait so long to get together. So sorry that we did. We love you and are so happy to always have you and your mom in our home. Hope to someday get to know your sweet children.

    33. Cette cartographie ne semble pas prendre en compte de nouveaux clivages, qui paraissent fondamentaux pour les années à venir et la politique face à la crise, entre eurosceptiques et eurobéats. Souverainistes et libéraux à tout crins. Et qui interrogent, sans du tout l’annuler, le clivage gauche droite tel qu’il est s’est momifié dans une alternance sans alternative… à repenser.

    34. That’s so funny — I wrote a note to running on my blog a few months ago and it felt GREAT!I’m in the exact same boat. I did two half marathons, a handful of 5 and 10Ks and then took an injury break. I’m better now, but the thought of getting back into running is not as exciting as I thought it would be. In the interim, I’ve gotten back into spinning/cycling and classes, which I love love love.Like you, I’m glad I accomplished what I did through running but it’s time for a new challenge!

    35. My doctor told me its completely normal to have palpatations and everyone gets them – some people are more aware of their palpatations than others – he also told me that the average amount of palpatations is 4 every hour. Although this may be refreshing to hear, some palpatations are abnormal and should be checked by a doctor. If your palpatations bother you, you should try regular excercise, drinking plenty of water, eating healthily, taking deep breaths, meditation and quit smoking and coffee.

    36. Dear shweta,i'm happy & excited that u r cming home bt on the other hand feeling bad for the kids whom u hav to leave . I know they will miss u at classes & i'm afraid that after spending 6 months with them it will be difficult for u too to stay here at home.u r leaving them & i'm getting senti here.Dear shaila, aastha ,kavita & other voluntiers plz. take proper care of kids.shweta will be back soon.

    37. Very cool! I think this is your second time in a magazine, right? It is a shame what is happening in Vermont with the slaughterhouses. When I am traveling on the NY State Thruway, I see alot of Subaru Outback wagons with VT plates and tons of bumper stickers with sayings “No farms, no food” or “Eat local”….I wonder if these people supporting local farms are the same NIMBY people when it comes to slaughterhouses. Eat Local, Just slaughter your meat somewhere else.

    38. Am facut si eu aceasti nasturasi si mi au iesit foarte gustosi! Doar ca in momentul cand am pus biluta in tava si am apasat cu degetul in mijloc, s a crapt pe margini. Cred ca din cauza ca nu era complet topit zaharul (desi am mixat mai mult de jumatate de ora), sau poate ai tu vreo alta explicatie? Oricum, sunt foarte buni!VA:F [1.9.21_1169]please wait…VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

    39. I think it’s awesome that you’ve both done so much traveling and for so many good causes. That is so cool that you’ve climbed a volcano. Not many people can say that! Your recent trip to Eureka Springs sounds wonderful. I think I would have been scared to stay at that hotel. I love the photos you took! You have an eye for photography.Traveling is one of my favorite things to do too and the best place I have ever been is with Geof on our recent trip to Hawaii. I’ve never seen a place more beautiful.

    40. Most of the things you articulate is astonishingly legitimate and it makes me ponder why I hadn’t looked at this in this light previously. This particular piece truly did switch the light on for me as far as this subject goes. But at this time there is 1 position I am not necessarily too cozy with and while I try to reconcile that with the main idea of the point, allow me see what all the rest of the readers have to point out.Nicely done.

    41. Det där med att man kan köra i stealth-mode i det nya kapitlet verkar intressant. Fast lite av grejen med Gears är ju att det ska vara kött och sÃ¥gande och blod som sprutar sÃ¥ att man knappt ser nÃ¥got… sÃ¥ jag undrar om det kommer bli bra?För övrigt hÃ¥ller jag med om att det är sjukt bra banor i Combustible-paketet! Jag tror nog att Fuel Station är en av mina all time favoriter.

    42. I have implemented the ignore parameter feature for several parameters including SID, but several days after implementation and Google is STILL crawling the links in question.I have also implemented canonical link refs in my header for each of the pages I want indexing.SO how long does it take Googlebot to work through the changes? I have posted this question on Google webmaster tools help forum but no one has replied and I've been waiting for over 48 hours.

    43. Linda, I used to have terrible insomnia, but now it is usually onLindaproblem if I have an early morning flight and fear I won’t wake on time to make it. I can still remember laying awake for hours while my hubby snored happily beside me, having fallen asleep about 15 seconds after his head hit the pillow. I love how you put the struggle of insomnia into poetic form. Kasindak-sindak! Kapayapaan, LindaLinda Kruschke kamakailan-lamang na nai-post..

    44. abj: Being overweight, to the extent it is cropping up, is probably a greater sin than not covering up, or covering up, in that it affects the “temple”Being overweight is not a sin, and it’s highly offensive to suggest that it is.Ann: Being fat is a SIN? (DKL, am I allowed to use the F-word here? Please?)Who the (word I am probably not allowed to use here) do you think you are?I agree with you 100%.

    45. Vi har inte ett försvar värt namnet, det är inget att diskutera, men att skrämmas med den stora elaka ryssen är inte heller korrekt. Jag är för ett försvar, men jag anser inte att kalla kriget gäller längre, än så länge har jag inte hört några argument som övertygat mig. De flesta verkar citera ett fantasiverk av nån bonde, Midvintermörker(?).

    46. Where was all lips on pit bull act/aka hockey mom attitude at the hockey game…She should have known better..this was not a Klan meeting…I guess that people had got used to be embrace by those hate morgers…hand up to Philly people telling her to get the heck of there…I think we all need her to get the hell of these UNITED DIVIDED STATES….

    47. Yes they have been around a long time… and that is not the real issue here. When were the regulators authorized to give the credit rating agencies so much regulatory power… and when were the regulators authorized to impose a regulatory layer of discrimination of risk on top of the markets´ normal discrimination of risk? Those are the questions.

    48. My personal pet peeve is #4. It’s shocking how many times a Developer will say that he/she can’t recreate the defect or a BA will call looking for more information in a hurry because the defect needs triaging, and the answer is right there in the bug report. E.g. NOTE: The problem only occurs if x option is set to y. It took me 3 hours to figure that out and document it clearly for you. Please, please, please read. I can’t do my job without reading the supporting documentation. I’m pretty sure the other folk in the shop are supposed to be reading as part of their jobs as well. Sigh.

    1. Antoine dit :J’ai lu quelqu’un qui disait en rigolant que de toute façon s’ils sont homophobes, Christer Björkman les fera passer au début de la soirée ! hahahaEn tout cas, je lis aussi chez les étrangers beaucoup d’opinions positives de la chanson de Carrousel (que j’aime bien aussi !) et qui ne serait pas non plus un si mauvais choix que ça !

    2. It’s really interesting. I think the face replacement was fairly successful, at least in terms of the comp. But I can’t help but feel that facial capture from an older person, and re-targetting it for a younger character is not ideal. The performance felt a little restricted, and whilst that may be a technical constraint, I just don’t think the musculature of the two faces were quite in balance.

    3. J’adore ce khaki vintage, c’est d’ailleurs la couleur que je portais la semaine dernière ! Contrairement à toi, j’aime bien l’effet irrisé qui coupe justement l’effet ciment comme le souligne ton homme…J’ai testé un joli orangé de Lancôme, beaucoup plus dur à poser que le Mavala mais bien punchy pour l’été !

    4. O reality show Big Brother Brasil é uma chence unica onde você prova sua personalidade,enfim; é simplesmente uma exposição da minha vida quero muito participar sou uma pessoa alegre divertida acho q vou me dar muito bem bom tenho 22anos sou de sp itaquera tenho dois filhos lindos de 6 anos chama nycollas e outro tem 3 e se chama deyvid e quero uma oportunidade de alcançar algo de melhor pra ele quero muito realizar este sonho

    5. August 15, 2012 at 8:50 am“How We’ll Build European Monetary Union/Europe is committed to building a genuine economic union to strengthen our existing monetary union” === United States of Europe probably is the ultimate target lurking here, poor boneheads just seem to be way too afraid to even say it out loud.Anyhow, it would be nice to know how much this topic has lately been under public discussion across Europe. Not so much in Finland.

    6. For me Clement made the movie too. I never would have known it was him had I not see his name in the credits. I think if they took more advantage of Bill Hader as Warhal this movie could have been even better. But I like how this movie explained why K had faith in J when no one else did in the first movie. Great job of having the series come full circle by Barry Sonnenfeld.

    7. Grüezi nic, Grüezi Schützengesellschaft PerlesreutAls ehemaliger Schütze in der schönen Schweiz würde mich mal interessieren was ihr den so schiesst? Kaliber und Distanz natürlich Leider ist es mir aus zeitlichen Gründen nicht mehr möglich selber als aktiver Schütze ins schwarze zu treffen.Sollte ich mal in Perlesreut zu gegen sein, würde es mich freuen mal vorbei schauen zu dürfen.Grüsse Thomas

    8.  ( 2012.03.6 12:50 ) : I precisely needed to say thanks once again. I’m not certain the things I might have sorted out without the type of information revealed by you directly on my subject matter. It was before the depressing matter for me, nevertheless taking a look at a new skilled tactic you dealt with it took me to jump for gladness. I’m just happier for your service and thus sincerely hope you know what a great job you were doing training other individuals by way of your blog. I know that you haven’t encountered any of us.

    9. El VIII CENTENARIO de la UNIVERSIDAD DE SALAMANCA fue instado por IGLESIAS CARREÑO (D. Francisco) al RECTORADO de forma pionera ({esta publicado en la Prensa de Salamanca}).Esa petición se realiza en mandato del Rector Verdugo, y la realiza, por lo que he leído, el ciudadano Iglesias Carreño (D. Francisco) en nombre del PREPAL [{Partido Regionalista del País Leonés}].

    10. "We know they lied. Joseph Wilson found out that the 'evidence' about uranium purchases from Niger was false. Cheney was so pissed off that he outed his wife as a CIA operative. Many analysts pointed out that the 'evidence' was made up crap and Powell was pissed that he was used by Bush to fool the UN. The electorate was played. Accepting the same lies again is foolish"….LMAO!Only a clueless liberal moonbat would consider Joseph Wilson a valid source of information…vangeIV repeatedly steps in it again and again…